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2012NaSTA Award for Best FactualThe LA1 ShowHighly Commended
2013NaSTA People’s Choice Award for Best LiveSoundbooth SessionsShortlisted
2013NaSTA Best On-Screen FemaleCharlotte Allen4th Place
2014NaSTA Best On-Screen FemaleCat Sturman4th Place
2015LUSU Awards: Journalist of the YearJessica BeardWon
2015NaSTA People’s Choice Award for Technical
2016NaSTA Best On-Screen MaleChris Osborn4th Place
2016NaSTA People’s Choice Award for Technical / DVR BridgeWon
2016NaSTA People’s Choice Award for Unsung HeroWon
2016LUSU Media Awards Best PresenterWon
2016LUSU Media Awards Best MarketingLA1:TVWon
2016LUSU Media Awards Student Media Member of the YearWon
2016LUSU Media Awards Best Production
2016LUSU Media Awards Best ProductionStrictly Cha Cha Chat & The Charity ShowcaseWon
2016LUSU Media Awards Best Breaking News StoryRoadside Car Fire VideosWon

LUSU Media Awards Technical Innovation

2016LUSU Media Awards ?Won
2016LUSU Media Awards Outstanding Contribution to Student MediaChris OsbornWon
2017NaSTA Award for Best Technical AchievementsRoses 2016Winner
2018NaSTA Award for Best News and Current AffairsGeneral Election Coverage 2017Winner
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