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Amelia Phillips (ULMS President) & Alistair Mason (LUBDS Treasurer) - Salsa

Gareth Coleman (LUSU Atheletic Union President ) & Steph Kindle (LUBDS President) - Waltz

Dale Ward (Pendle Football Captain) & Rachel Seal (LUBDS Social Secretary) - Rumba - 3rd Place

Cai Halliday (Tennis Club President) & Debbie Flitcroft (Team Captain) - Tango - 2nd Place

Becky Case (nee Clark, Karate Club) & Chris Hill (LUBDS Social Secretary) - Samba - Winners

Doris Orizu (Young Entrepeneurs Events Officer) & Barry Maydon (LUBDS Charity Officer) - Cha Cha Cha

Janie Coleman (LUSU General Secretary) & Matt Dailey (LUBDS Vice President) - Viennese Waltz

Note: LUSU President Michael Payne dropped out the week of the event and Dale Ward had 3 days practice with Rachel Seal who had originally been due to dance with Michael Payne.



Tori Crapper (LUSU FTO Welfare) & Stuart McMullen - Waltz

Jake & Becky Hallworth

Jodie Waggoner (Team Captain)

Johnny & Ruth Whitaker (LUBDS Charity Officer) - Rumba

James Cornish (Cartmel JCR?) & Becki Finney - Winners


Lizzie Houghton (LUSU Scan Editor) & Ben Marshall - Rumba



Robbie Pickles (LUSU President) & Becki Finney - Rock n' Roll - Winners

Alex Grievson (Sailing Society) & Becky Hallworth) - 

Andrew Pickup - Quickstep

Matt Saint (County President or LUSU FTO) & Jodie Waggoner



George Gardiner (LUSU President)

Matthew Power (Scan Editor) & Abbey Barraclough (LUBDS Socail Secretary)

Olly Trumble (LUSU VP Events & Democracy)

Alex Carlin (LUSU VP Academic)

Rhian Davies (ULMS President) & Andrew Pickup (LUBDS Charity Officer) 

Sam Thurgood (Conservative Future Chairman)

Josh Bancroft (Vice Chair Lancaster Labour Club)

Sarah Taylor (Former Graduate College President) & Jack Birkinshaw - Samba - Winners

Danny McGuire (LUSU Councillor

Rachel Essex (LUSU Social & Events  Officer)



Martin Burn & Abbey Barraclough - Charleston

Josh Owen & Reecca Wilson - Cha Cha Cha

Liz Ashworth (LUSU VP Activities) & Andrew Smith - Jive

Matt Walker & Alice Burrow - Waltz

Rosalia O'Reilly (LUSU VP Welfare) & Andrew Pickup (LUBDS Charity Officer) - Cha Cha Cha

Josh Dean (LA1:TV Station Manager) & Katherine Piekarski - Jive - I'm A Believer (shrek theme) - 4th Place 

Paul Atchinson (Labour Councillor) & Sally Naylor - Cha - Gangnam Style - Winners

Laurence Pullan (Pendle College President) & Chloe Marsh (LUBDS Social Secretary) - Viennese Waltz

Chris Osborn (LA1:TV Treasurer, ULMS Conductor) & Sadie Whittam - Tango - Tango de Roxanne - 2nd Place

Gaz Houghton & Hannah Roberts - Jive

Ste Smith (LUSU President) & EmilyJayne-Nicholls - Passo Doble - You Give Love A Bad Name - 3rd Place

Rachel Harvey & Joe Reed - Tango



Tom Fox (LUSU FTO Welfare) & Amber Small - (LUBDS Charity Officer)

Andy Ainscough (LUTG President) & Alice Southern

Rachel Harrington (Music Society President) & Alex Hocknull - Quickstep - Winners

Charlie Edwards (Lonsdale President & BailriggFM Station Manager) & Connie O'Donnell 

Sam Ashcroft (Christian Union President) & Chloe Wellington

Mia Scott (County JCR?) & Theo Sheehy

Emily Rack (Baking Society President) & Joe Reed

Matthew Berrington (American Football?) & Hannah Metcalfe




Robbie Love & Abbey Baraclough - 3rd

Justin Chow & Chloe Marsh

Sam Hadlington & Connie O'Donnell

Rosa Hinksman (Singer/songwriter) & Charlotte Snape

Lee Dudding (Bowland President) & Anna france

Rhianna Tomlinson (Comedy Society) & Mikey Aspinall - Rumba - Winners

Robyn Challinor (Fylde President) & Jack Price

Polly McDonnell (Furness President) & Gary Chan - 2nd


Note: LUSU President Laura Clayson dropped out and Polly McDonnell stood in at 9 days notice.



Will hedley (LUSU President) & Amelia Edwards (LUBDS Social Secretary) - Mas Que Anda - Samba

Ishan Ganjoor (BailriggFM General Secretary) & Leanne Cubbon (LUBDS Secretary) - Disturbia - Quickstep

Elliot Sloman (Christian Union President) & Anna France (LUBDS Treasurer) - Wake me Up - Quickstep

Sophie Tarif (Grizedale President) & Andrew Smith (also competed in 2013) - Tango - Smooth Criminal - Winners

Ben Kay (LA1:TV Deputy Station Manager) & Lydia Ratto (former LUBDS Medai & Comms Officer) - I Wanna Be Like You - Charlston - 2nd (tie)

Rhiannon Jones (former County College President) & Gary Chan (LUBDS joint Vice President) - Love Me Like You Do - Rumba

Joel Smith (BailriggFM Assistant Station Manager) & Charlotte Snape (LUBDS President) - The Boy Does Nothing - Jive - 4th

Grace Finney (Women's Hockey Chairperson & Jack Price (LUBDS joint Vice President) - I'm So Excited - Quickstep - 2nd (tie)


Note: Singer & former Women's Volleyball Captain Alex Buttol was due to perform with Nick short however he pulled out so they did not take part.



Abi Andrews (Christian Union Main Meeting Co-ordinator) & Ben Seddon (LUBDS Social Secretary) - You Can't Stop The Beat (from Hairspray) - Jive

Rosanna Marie Owen (Cheerleading Vice-Captain) & Shane Alleyne (no LUBDS position) - Dear Future Husband (Meghan Trainor) - Jive - Winners

Siri Hampapur (LA1:TV Publicity and Socials Officer) & Gary Chan (LUBDS Social Secretary) - Starving (Hailee Steinfield)/This Girl (Kungs vs Cookin' on 3 Burners) - Rumba/Cha Cha Cha - 2nd

Tansy Wickham-Pusey (Bailrigg FM Assistant Station Manager) & Mikey Aspinall (Former LUBDS Vice-President and Strictly Champion 2015) - Can't Stop The Feeling (Justin Timberlake) - Rumba/Cha Cha Cha

Alexander Scheeser (Pendle COllege JCR Chair) & Amelia Edwards (LUBDS President) - Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra) - American Smooth Foxtrot 

Angus Foster-Hall (Snow Sports Society President) & Aleksandra Przybylak (no LUBDS position) - Game of Thrones theme tune - Vienesse Waltz - 3rd 

Archie Hill (Men's Hockey Social Secretary) & Lydia Ratto (no LUBDS position) - Sott and Fran's Paso Doble - Paso Doble

Dave Whitlock (LUSU Vice-President Welfare & Community) & Ella Wong (LUBDS Media and Comms Officer) - Baila Baila (Angela Via) - Samba

Jojo Thompson (Grizedale College President) & Vicky Ince (LUBDS Team Captain) - It's My Life - Paso Doble

Harvey Falshaw (Bailrigg FM Head of Entertainment) & Beatrice Bartilucci (LUBDS Media and Comms Officer) - SIgning In The Rain (Gene Kelly)/ Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (The Blues Brothers) - American Smooth Foxtrot



Molly McDonough (former Grizedale President) & Shane Alleyne (LUBDS Team Captain) - Kug Fu Fighting (from the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack) - Cha Cha Cha. Scores: Ben= 7, Andrew= 7, Sally= 7, Jack= 8. Total= 29

Bethany Crow (SCAN Editor) & Georgina Watson (LUBDS President) - He's A Pirate (from the Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack) - Tango. Scores: Ben= 6, Andrew= 7, Sally= 6, Jak= 6. Total= 25

Sam Possible (BailriggFM Head of Marketing) & Ella Wong (LUBDS Health & Safety Officer) - Twist & Shout (from Ferris Bueller's Day Out soundtrack) - Cha Cha Cha. Scores: Ben= 6, Andrew=6, Sally=5, Jack=5. Total= 23.

Louise Broad (BailriggFM Treasurer) & Anna France (former LUBDS Treasurer 2014-2017) - I Just Can't Wait To Be King (from The Lion King sountrack) - Samba. Scores: Ben= 9, Andrew= 8, Sally= 9, Jack= 9. Total= 35 (joint highest on judges scores). 2nd

Jordan-Luke McDonald (LA1TV Deputy Station Manager) & Beatriec Bartlucci (LUBDS Vice President) - Holding Out For A Hero and I'm A Believer (from the Shrek Soundtrack) - Paso Doble & Jive. Scores: Ben= 6, Andrew= 8, Sally=7, Jack=7, Total= 28.

Bethany Nickson (former Pendle JCR Officer) & Daniel Clarkson (LUBDS Treasurer) - Cut To The Feeling (from the Ballerina soundtrack) - Cha Cha Cha. Scores: Ben= 8, Andrew= 9, Sally= 9, Jack= 9, Total= 35 (joint highest on judges scores). Winner

Tom Pearson (BailriggFM Station Manager) & Emily Greaves (LUBDS Secretary) - City of Stars (from the La La Land sountrack) - Foxtrot. Scores: Ben= 9, Andrew= 8, Sally= 8, Jack=8, Total= 33. 3rd 


Note: as in previous years judges scores do not count and are for audience guidane only.



Beckie Finney the only "pro" to win it twice.

Grace Finney (celeb 2016) cousin of Beckie Finney ("pro" winner 2010 & 2011)

2009-2018 only 2 Ballroom dances won (Rachel & Alex's Quickstep in 2014 & Sophie & Andrew's Tango in 2016)

Andrew Pickup, Chloe Marsh, Abbey Barrington, Anna France & Gary Chan all competed 3 times. Of those only Abbey (3rd in 2015 with Robbie Love) & Gary Chan (2nd in both 2015 & 2017) placed in the top three.

Abbey Barrington married her 2012 dance partner Matthew Power in 2018.

2009-2018 out of 3 couples who pulled out, 2 were LUSU presidents.

First same sex couple was Rosa Hinksman & Charlotte Snape. Originally planned to be a male-male couple that year but didn't happen. Second same sex couple Louise Broad & Anna France in 2018.

Becky Case (nee. Clark) competed in 2009 (winner) and hosted in 2013 (with Matthew Power, 2012 competitor), 2014 (with Tom Carr) & 2016-2018 (with Chris Osborn, 2013 competitor)

Andrew Pickup competed in 2011-2013 (never placed) & judged judged 2014-2018

Sally Naylor competed in 2013 (winner) & judged 2017-2018

Chris Osborn competed in 2013 (second) & hosted 2016-2018 (with Becky Case). Also conducted 2014-2016, arranged & produced musical medleys 2015-2018).




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