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The Charity Showcase is organised by the Lancaster University Ballroom Dancing Society (LUBDS) and is held at the beginning of of February. The Charity Showcase features performances from a wide variety of societies alongside ballroom dancing and they vary each year, including LUDanS, Hiphop & Breakdance, Cheerleading, Indian and The ULMS Big Band provide live music. It has been held since 2004 and raises money for Cancer Research UK and in 2009 it raised over £800. By 2016 it had grown in size and raised just over £2000 (following an appeal during the second half by host Chris Osborn to raise the last few pounds to take them over the £2000 mark).

In 2009 they held the first campus Strictly Come Dancing competition as part of the showcase. This features "campus celebrities" paired up with members of LUBDS (usually exec) competing in a single dance in a ballroom or latin style of their choice. Routines are usually between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 seconds long.

Between 2010 and 2013 LA1:TV filmed interviews with the competing couples and some of their practice sessions for a video to be shown during the event to introduce the couples. LA1:TV also produce DVDs of the showcase. In 2014 Station Manager and Strictly 2013 runner up Chris Osborn started Strictly Cha Cha Chat as a behind the scenes show following the couple's progress in the run up to their performances. It also features dancing challenges with the presenters given the task of learning a short routine in a couple of hours and interviews with the Showcase organisers and Strictly judges.


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